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September Posh Pet of the Month

Elizabeth Marrow3 Comments

We are excited to announce the September Posh Pet of the Month!

Introducing Bentley

Brief description of why your Bentley is posh:  I know that Basset Hounds may not be your typical posh pet, but he certainly fits the description.  Being very pampered and the inspiration for my book series, The Returns as well as the reason behind my blog, Barking from the Bayou, he has completely changed my life.  He is featured on the cover of The Returns, so he considers himself a celebrity.

Bentley's likes and dislikes: He loves getting his teeth brushed, having a bath/blow dry, going for walks and car rides, snuggling, and sits up like a human without being asked.  Bentley is under the impression that all humans want to meet him and scratch his belly.  Thankfully, most people we meet are happy to oblige.  He is not a fan of thunderstorms or fireworks.  We recently purchased a ThunderShirt to help alleviate the anxiety and it worked miracles! 

You can see the "number 7" on Bentley.

You can see the "number 7" on Bentley.

One fun fact about your Bentley:  A fun fact about Bentley is that he has a perfect number seven on his hip and is our seventh dog!

Thank you to his fur-mommy, Melissa for entering Bentley. He is definitely a posh pet!!