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August Posh Pet of the Month

Elizabeth MarrowComment

We are excited to announce our first Posh Pet of the Month!

Introducing Bella, the Queen


Brief description of why your Bella, the Queen is posh: I affectionately call my girl, Bella, the Queen. And like a queen, Bella embodies perfectly everything that is posh. She is elegant in looks and demeanor. And her beautiful foxy body makes her sometimes look like a wild fox or coyote.

Bella, the Queen's likes and dislikes: Bella is a 10 year old Blue Heeler. She loves playing Fetch and Frisbee, and going for a daily walk. She is up for any adventure or activity and always by my side. She loves car rides and many outdoor activities such as Agility, hiking, and swimming. She dislikes the sound of the flyswatter killing flies, the annoying little insects themselves, and loud popping noises like bubble gum.

One fun fact about your Bella, the Queen: Bella's number one favorite toy is a tennis ball-but not the easily broken ones from the pet store-the real Penn ones people use to play tennis.

Thank you to her fur-mommy, Tiffany for entering Bella, the Queen. She is definitely a posh pet!!