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Dog Clothes Can Be Fashionable and Functional

Elizabeth MarrowComment

It's Posh Pet Fashion Friday!

Today's topic is how dog's clothes can be fashionable and functional at the same time.

Some may think dog clothing is not necessary or functional but that is not the case. What if it was snowing right now and no one came up with the snow coat/jacket? You would be cold and not protected from the elements. Someone thought that people need to be protected from weather elements, so why not our pets?

Bebe in his Bur-baby all weather coat

Bebe in his Bur-baby all weather coat

This is an all weather coat that Bebe is wearing. Bebe would be protected from the rain, snow and cold while on his daily walks around the neighborhood. His fashionable, yet functional coat is very posh. What fashion forward pooch wouldn't love to add this to their wardrobe.

Dog shoes are functional for those dogs who live in colder climates. Can you imagine having to walk in the snow barefoot every time you need to use the restroom? Doesn't sound too fun, huh? You're fur-baby would appreciate some snow boots. This dog is grateful for their shoes so they can run and play a little longer without having their toes cold. Dog shoes/boots come in all shapes and sizes. From shoes made out of leather to shoes that look like tennis shoes. Some crafty owners even make dog shoes out of balloons. That's very resourceful!

What are some other examples of functional dog fashion?