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1st Birthday: Prince Puppy Theme Party

Elizabeth MarrowComment

It's Posh Pet Party Wednesday!!

Today's topic is 1st birthday party theme, Prince Puppy theme.

All fur parents remember the moment you fell in love with those puppy dog eyes and knew it was meant to be. That moment you and your dog knew you both were meant for each other. It is a great journey to see your puppy learn to walk with a leash to being house trained, hopefully :).


The birthday party trend for dogs is being more popular. People see their pets as their children, why not have a celebration of their day/month of birth.

Who wouldn't want to see a smile like this on their fur babies face!? This dog looks like its having the time of his life and he should, it's his special day.

Whether you a have small gathering or get an event planner to plan your pet's huge birthday event, your pet will love all the attention, gifts and treats he receives.

One of themes you can do for your dog's first birthday party is the Birthday Prince Puppy theme.

Have your guest and their fur babies dress in royal attire. Make sure the birthday pooch has the most posh attire. No one can outshine the Prince of the Day.

Have whatever color theme you would like for the party and decorate accordingly. A selection of different blues would be a great color scheme.

With dog bakeries becoming more popular, they can assist you in making a birthday cake and dog treats to go with your prince theme.

The ideas are endless of what you can do with this theme!

We would like to hear some Prince Puppy theme party ideas.