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Pet Halloween Costumes

Elizabeth MarrowComment

It's Posh Pet Fashion Friday!

Today's topic is pet halloween costumes.

This is the perfect time to brainstorm and think about what you want your pet to dress up as for halloween. Even though halloween is for children, the fur-babies around the world should enjoy it as well. Seeing pets dress up for halloween is one the most cutest things ever. The creativity that some pet owners possess is amazing. The ideas that they come up with to dress their pet, some are original and maybe a little odd, but all of them cute!

This outfit is too cute! Even though the breed name is Dachshund, we all know their nickname as the "hot dog" dog. This costume fits this dog perfectly and will be strutting down the street in pride with his hot dog costume.

When in doubt grab a sheet, cut some holes and instant costume! Doesn't matter what you dress your dog as, it going to be adorable and a crowd pleaser. Who wouldn't want to give these pets some special halloween treats?! I would love every minute of seeing these ghost at my doorstep. These ghost can haunt my house any time they like :).

Some fur-parents take halloween very serious. Why not go all out and come up with a costume theme for the family! Or just a theme for the pets. Here's a great example, these two dogs are dressed as popular characters from the infamous movie saga, Star Wars. These iconic costumes are the way to go, especially if you were entering your pet(s) in a costume contest.

We would love to hear what costumes your pets have worn before! 

Check out some of our Halloween outfits.


Dracula will exude a festive attitude as you pooch enters the room.  Everyone will notice him and be charmed.

The vest is made of 100% cotton fabric in a black background with lime green bats.  An orange ribbon outlines the middle of the vest with black cat buttons with a wide smile of white teeth and lime green eyes.  The border of the vest has a black rick-rack trim.  An orange bow with a lime green bat accents the center.  The vest is lined wit 100% cotton orange fabric.

Your posh pooch will be the highlight of the night! 

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Charlotte’s Web is an ensemble that will spook any gathering in a posh way.  Your pooch will be the most chic one there!

The bodice is made of 100% cotton orange base with gold strips and a black spider with a lime green body fabric that is adored with a gold collar and lined with 100% cotton orange fabric. The border of the bodice has a black rick -rack trim.

The flirty shirt is comprised of black net with an orange ribbon trim to add a pop of color.

All the other pooches will be orange with envy!

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