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Pet Party Theme: Adoptaversary

Posh Pet Party WednesdaysElizabeth MarrowComment

It’s Posh Pet Party Wednesday!

Today’s topic is the pet theme party, adoptaversary.

I know some are wondering what an adoptaversary party is.  Well, I’ll gladly tell you. When you adopt your pet, that day may be one of the best days of your life. So why not celebrate the day you welcomed your pet into your family. 

Sometimes when you adopt a pet, the shelter may not know the exact date of your pets birth. They can estimate how old they are, but not the exact date of the birth. Even though you don’t know the exact date of birth, you can give your pet the celebration party they and the whole family deserves.

A great way to announce the celebration is with an invitation or an evite. Have a picture of your pet on the invitation to let everyone know that your special pet is being honored.

As a fellow fur-parent, I have a lot of pictures of my fur-baby. Create a slideshow of pictures you have taken all year. Your guest will love to see how your love grew between you and your adopted family pet.

With pet bakeries or should I say “barkeries” becoming more popular everyday, why not support these businesses and buy a cake or some specialized treats for this special occasion. If you do not have a pet bakery in your area, some are able to mail these baked goodies to your house.

Have the honoree wear a special collar and/or leash so they can make their stylish and posh entrance.

What better way to tell your adopted pet thanks for all the unconditional love they have given you within the year.

I’m excited to hear some adoptaversary party stories!