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SYAC 2014- Tuskegee Young Alumni Cruise

Precisely Posh Events, Social Events, Event PlanningElizabeth MarrowComment

We had the pleasure of planning and coordinating an event for Tuskegee University's young alumni.

SYAC, Skegee Young Alumni Cruise, is a group of young alumni who travel on a cruise for social and network opportunities. This is the second annual cruise and the young professionals had a fantastic time.

The cruise left Port of Miami and the destinations were Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. They had three theme parties, an All Black Party, 90's Theme Party and Toga Party. While on the boat they had fun engaging in three contest, the photo scavenger hunt, secret word of the day and a raffle. The winners enjoyed spyware sunglasses, custom-made rubber bracelets, and mini yearbooks from the past cruise.

We are glad and thankful that everyone had a safe trip there and back. We love to hear that everyone had a great time and are looking forward to the next cruise!

Please click here to view pictures from the cruise.