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Introducing Precisely Posh Events

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Posh: [päSH] Adjective-  Elegant or stylishly luxurious

The definition of posh is the foundation for Precisely Posh Events. We strive to make every event precise and posh. It's our passion to assist people in planning memorable, social events. To take someone's dream and turn it into a reality, is the greatest part when planning events. Seeing the client and their guest have the time of their lives, is the greatest reward. Contact us today and let's assist you in making your event posh!

Not only do we plan social events, we also do pet events! Who wouldn't love the opportunity to spoil and throw a party for their pet. From dog showers to a puppy princess party. We give our pet events as much attention as our social events. Pets love the finer things in life, the posh things in life. Check out our Precisely Posh Pet section.

We offer one of a kind, designer dog apparel at Being Posh Boutique. Each product is handmade and can be customized for your dog. We offer a monthly subscription for your dog called, the Being Posh Pet Box. Having a pet party and don't have time to shop for supplies? Check out our store and contact us, we can make your party starter kit and make throwing a posh pooch party easier. Please visit and see what we can make for you today!

We're the key to being posh!