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Being Posh Sunglasses and Cases

Being Posh BoutiqueElizabeth MarrowComment

Hello everyone! We love styling our posh pets so we wanted to branch out and make everyone posh!

We are introducing our Being Posh Sunglasses and Cases!

We have different styles for men and women. All sunglasses include free shipping. They are shipped in one business day.

Our cases are padded so the sunglasses are protected. All cases are handmade and include a lining. If there is a certain style case you would like, we will make it for you. We would love to customize your case. All you will need to do is contact us and we will have it made for you. The case will be made within 5-7 days.

Check out our new additions in Being Posh Boutique.

Introducing my best friends and their creations!

Being Posh BoutiqueElizabeth MarrowComment

Hello everyone!

I love my best friends, more like sister friends. They have always been there for me, gave me words of encouragement and told me the truth (even though I didn't always want to hear it :). They supported and continue to support me even though they are far away, I always feel their love.

I wanted to show them my appreciation by dedicating outfits to them. I asked them to describe what they would want their outfit to look like and I created them.

Before I introduce the outfits, I just wanted to tell them that I love them very much and I'm glad we're in this relationship together!

Ok mushy moment over :)

Introducing Zerika's creation, Camila

Camila is a trendy patriotic style with a western flare for your posh pooch. She will be the center of attention at any rodeo.

Camila’s bodice is made of 100% cotton in a blue denim with silver star buttons adorning the center with a collar outline with silver stitching, a snazzy pocket outlined with sliver stitching, with fringe at the top and a monogram letter in sliver. You may select the letter that represents your pooch’s name. The lining of the bodice is made of 100% cotton in a red and white-stripped fabric. A silver fringe trim outlines the bottom of the bodice.

The shirt is made of a brilliant red 100% cotton fabric that is gently gathered at the waist and lined with 100% blue denim cotton fabric. The shirt has a blue denim cotton trim at the bottom.

Your pooch will be the best dress at the rodeo.

Introducing Kyla's creation, Kingsley

Kingsley will impress any occasion that he attends with this preppy style vest.  All pooch’s heads with turn in envy.

The vest is made 100% cotton fabric in a multi-color diamond design of shades of green namely: yellow-green, spring bud and viridian green with a brilliant red with black stitches in a diamond pattern on a white background. With a 100% white collar and a stylish viridian green bow.  With white textured buttons to adorn the center of the vest. The lining of the vest is a Viridian green 100% cotton fabric.

Your pooch will be stylish in this vest and be noted as the best dressed.

Introducing Gabby's creation, Winston

Winston is ready to venture out into his surroundings in style, impressing all his pooch friends and associate as a trendsetter.  He will be known as the one to watch out for to set the fashion statement

This ascot is a canary yellow hue made of a silk fabric that adorns a collar covered with the same fabric to accentuate his manly neck. The ascot is gently gathered to give a look of prestige.  The collar has canary yellow fasteners to compliment the collar.

Any pooch would be pleased to wear the collar and be a trendsetter.

These limited edition items are now for sale! Didn't they come up with the best ideas!! Which one is your favorite? I love all three :)

Thank you for the great ideas ladies, you made me so proud. You're are the key to #BeingPosh!!

Birthday/Adoption Day Posh Pet Boxes

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Happy New Year everyone!

We are expecting this new year to be very posh!

We are excited to announce we are currently developing our Birthday Posh Pet Boxes for your fur babies. These boxes would contain varies treats and toys for your dogs special day.

We will also have Adoption Day Posh Pet Boxes for those who don't know their fur babies birthday, but want to celebrate the day your family grew a little bigger with four paws.

What things would you like to see in these posh pet boxes?

We have our own blog and social media page for pet lovers!!

Elizabeth MarrowComment

We are announcing today that we are officially launching our social media page, Being Posh Pet.

We made this page for blog and social purposes for pet owners to meet and discuss pet-related topics.

We would love to have you join our blog and social page and tell us why your pet is posh. A great way to introduce your pet is having your pet as your profile avatar.

We will announce every 1st of the month our "Posh Pet of the Month" on this site.

We love to hear fur-parents brag about their fur-babies!

We have "Pet Party Wednesdays". Every Wednesday we will discuss pet party ideas and tips. We have "Pet Fashion Fridays". Every Friday we will discuss pet fashion trends, ideas and tips.

Thank you for checking out Being Posh Pet!

Register today!!

SYAC 2014- Tuskegee Young Alumni Cruise

Precisely Posh Events, Social Events, Event PlanningElizabeth MarrowComment

We had the pleasure of planning and coordinating an event for Tuskegee University's young alumni.

SYAC, Skegee Young Alumni Cruise, is a group of young alumni who travel on a cruise for social and network opportunities. This is the second annual cruise and the young professionals had a fantastic time.

The cruise left Port of Miami and the destinations were Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. They had three theme parties, an All Black Party, 90's Theme Party and Toga Party. While on the boat they had fun engaging in three contest, the photo scavenger hunt, secret word of the day and a raffle. The winners enjoyed spyware sunglasses, custom-made rubber bracelets, and mini yearbooks from the past cruise.

We are glad and thankful that everyone had a safe trip there and back. We love to hear that everyone had a great time and are looking forward to the next cruise!

Please click here to view pictures from the cruise.

Introducing Precisely Posh Events

Precisely Posh Events, Being Posh Boutique, Social Events, Pet Events, The Key to Being Posh, Event PlanningElizabeth MarrowComment

Posh: [päSH] Adjective-  Elegant or stylishly luxurious

The definition of posh is the foundation for Precisely Posh Events. We strive to make every event precise and posh. It's our passion to assist people in planning memorable, social events. To take someone's dream and turn it into a reality, is the greatest part when planning events. Seeing the client and their guest have the time of their lives, is the greatest reward. Contact us today and let's assist you in making your event posh!

Not only do we plan social events, we also do pet events! Who wouldn't love the opportunity to spoil and throw a party for their pet. From dog showers to a puppy princess party. We give our pet events as much attention as our social events. Pets love the finer things in life, the posh things in life. Check out our Precisely Posh Pet section.

We offer one of a kind, designer dog apparel at Being Posh Boutique. Each product is handmade and can be customized for your dog. We offer a monthly subscription for your dog called, the Being Posh Pet Box. Having a pet party and don't have time to shop for supplies? Check out our store and contact us, we can make your party starter kit and make throwing a posh pooch party easier. Please visit and see what we can make for you today!

We're the key to being posh!